Area of StudySyllabusLevel
Quran Reading
i. Nooaini Qaidah
Level 1 – Lesson 1 till 3
Level 2 – till Lesson 6
Level 3 – till Lesson 10
Level 4 – till Lesson 13
Level 5 – Lesson 14 till end
ii. Quran Nadhrah Part 1Reading Last Juz/Juz Amma/ Juz 30th
iii. Tajweed Essentials
iv. Quran Nadhrah Part 2Reading the Whole Quran
Quran Memorization/ Hifdh
i. Juz Amma and Ayat al-Kursi
Level 1 – Surah al-Fatihah
Level 2 – Surah An-Nas till Surah al-Kafirun
Level 3 – until Surah At-Takathur
Level 4 – until Ash-Shams
Level 5 – Rest of Juz Amma
ii. Surah al-Mulk, Yaseen, Al-KahfSurah al-Mulk, Yaseen, Al-Kahf
Islamic Study
i. I Love Islam
Story Book and coloring
I Love Islam 1
I Love Islam 2
I Love Islam 3
I Love Islam 4
I Love Islam 5
ii. Essential Du’as in the life of a muslimLearn to recite Du’aas at different occasions of life
iii. SeerahA brief seerah of Rasulullah peace be upon him
iv. Basic Fiqh Part 1 and 2Lessons on Tahaarah, Salaah, Saum, Zakah, etc.
v. Basic AqidahA booklet on the basic beliefs of a muslim
vi. Hadeeth and AkhlakCompilation of small ahadeeth and stories on the Akhlaaq of Rasulullah peace be upon him
vii. Stories of the ProphetsBrief history of prophethood and stories of prophets