Muslim Youth Association of Capital District - Al-Arqam Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MYACD and Why Do I need it?


Having the understanding of the misleading, fooling, and tricky society around our young Muslim men and women, which is prone to invite and slip our youth into the midst of indecency, immorality, and help diminish the belief, dignity, and ethics of Islam.


Henceforth, a counter force and balance MUST be restored to protect our youth from the hazards of the societal poisons. One way to achieve that is to have a uniform Youth Group, which must be well structured and thought out by passionate leaders, keen minds, and sincere souls.

What will I do as a part of MYACD?


This Youth Program consists of two Programs within the Youth Group:


1. The General Youth Program: Which consists of all indoor discussions based on the needs of our youth, run by 1 or more professionals and all the listed outdoor activities, involving the Youth Clubs listed.


2. The Educational Program: This is a Certificate program. This part of the youth program is an independent part of the Youth Program, and it is dedicated to Education and Terbiyyah of the certain youth interested in this part of the program.

What clubs are a part of the General Youth Program?


Clubs for indoor and outdoor activities are:


A. Arts and Crafts: sewing and Crocheting and tailoring

B. Calligraphy and Painting

C. Reading and writing club

D. Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton club

E. Basketball and Football club

F. Fishing, camping, kayaking club

G. Hunting club

H. Martial arts club

I. Ski club

What are the expectations of the Education Program?


This is a set two year long certified educational program, for both boys and girls, covering all the necessary subjects needed for living a Muslim life. This part of the youth program is purely dedicated to the Education and Terbiyyah of the certain selected individuals amongst the youth.


Any youth who wants to be a part of this program must select this program in filling out the form. The youth in this program will be worked with and prepared as our heirs, who will receive our inheritance of the Sher’i, Ilmi, and spiritual responsibilities. These are the people who will be standing in our shoes and carrying our responsibilities sooner than later.


This is the group whom we must prepare for leading the Masajid and the communities in the near future. These are the people whom should be prepared to be carrying the banner of Islam and will be standing in the face of all the challenges facing the Ummah in the near future.